Warrior Baseball

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Home of the 5-time Utah State Champions: 2002, 2007, 2012, 2013, 2021



Message from Head Coach Reed Secrist

Another great week for the Warriors thanks to all for your hard work and support to keep this program at the top. Like I said it takes everyone to be on the same page and keeping that positive mental attitude. Coaches, Players and families. We have also picked up 2 games on April 27th for our varsity. We'll be leaving early in the morning to travel by Charter bus to Stansbury High where we'll play Stansbury at 1pm and Grantsville at 4pm both games will be played at Stansbury and then we'll return home.

This Week in Baseball "TWIB NOTES"- Subject to change so listen at practice. April 15 - April 19.

Monday - Varsity/JV practice at 6:30pm, shorts are fine. Soph/Fresh - Practice at 3:15pm.

Tuesday - Varsity/JV games at Desert Hills JV at 4:30pm. Varsity game at 7:30pm. Remember no bus to local games. Soph/Fresh practice 3:15pm.

Wednesday - Varsity practice at 3:30pm baseball pants. , Soph/Fresh game at Beaver 3:30pm Doubleheader. Bus leaves at 12:30pm from the SCHS parking lot.

THURSDAY - Varsity/JV practice at 6:30pm. Shorts are fine. Soph/fresh Game (1) vs Enterprise 4pm at SC.

FRIDAY - Varsity/JV games vs Desert Hills. JV at 4:30pm. Varsity game at 7:30pm. Soph/Fresh - Practice - hit in the cages at 4pm.

SATURDAY - OFF - Remember Varsity/JV team you will be going to Stansbury next Saturday April 27th Just Varsity games no JV games.